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Auditions to be held on Wednesday, May 10th 6:15pm

Audition Fee $10 

 ApplePay 215-868-2748

Please title your payment "Audition Fee"

Junior Company Ages 7-12 

Company Ages 13 & up

Audition Requirements

What to expect: Dancers will learn a Ballet, Jazz, Majorette Combo, & perform their Solo. Be prepared for any freestyle, solo or group work.

What to wear to audition: Hair MUST be pulled neatly away from the face (no beads or fly away's). Black Leotard and Suntan tights. Ballet & Jazz shoes.

What to bring: Head Shot, bottle of water. Prepare a 1 minute solo with your preferred dance style & song choice. 

We are looking for Confidence, Passion, Positive energy and Skill!  

IMD Company will perform for the Juneteenth Parade, various community/school performances, and work towards competition. Company is for dancers looking to perform outside of IMD yearly shows with an aim to be introduced to the competition dance circuit. Our goal is to train these students to become well-rounded dancers who exhibit great technique and performance artistry. We want to instill values of leadership, studio spirit, team building, confidence, individual pride, and a passion for the arts in our dancers. To achieve these goals and values, dancers will have the opportunity to train multiple hours per week with IMD Faculty and guest artists. 

Parents/ Guardian Responsibility: 

Parents are only responsible for the $40 costume fee for the parade and a $10 audition fee.

"This does not apply to Juneteenth Auditions"

Monthly dues cover training, additional rehearsals & costumes.

If your child is selected to become a member of IMD performance Company. To accept your spot, please pay the first monthly fee ($30.00) of your Company dues as well as sign and return the 2022 Company Contract. Contracts will be issued via email after the audition selections have been announced. All Dues are Non-Refundable. Scheduling, shows and placement is subject to change at the discretion of IMD. 

Company Dues are due the 15th of every month (MANDATORY).

Company Dues are not related to any other dance financial responsibility.

Parents Mandatory Company Meeting TBA. 

Important note: It is important to understand that being a part of I.M.D. Junior Comp & Company is a TIME & MONETARY commitment. Tuition, costume, eventually competition, monthly dues really add up throughout the year! We are strongly seeking dancers and their families who are serious about their dance training and the obligations (financially & time wise) that agree to FULL commitment. 

  Please complete form below and submit 


Dancer First & Last Name*

Parent First & Last Name and Phone Number

Email Address

Dancers AGE, Date of Birth (ex. 02/02/22), Grade Level, Height and Weight

Social Media profile (Instagram)

Years of Dance experience and List Current or Former Dance School

Dance Wear Size (Leotard and tights S,M,L)

Preferred Dance style?

How many days do you Dance per week?

Are you involved in extracurricular activities if so please list here?

Best available days for rehearsal?

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